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Tips for Holiday Shopping on a Budget


The holidays are right around the corner! If you haven’t yet tackled your holiday gift list, check out these tips to make gift-giving enjoyable and budget-friendly.


1. Make a list. Know exactly for whom you are shopping and write down how much you have to spend on each person. Then stick to it! This will help protect you from splurging on fun, sometimes expensive, options you come across during your search.

2. Give DIY gifts. Most people love to receive homemade gifts that have special meaning. DIY gifts are not only thoughtful; they are also great money-savers! Consider something like this mint sugar scrub that your friends will love!

3. Bake something. Speaking of DIY, baked-goods are easy, affordable and yummy gifts that are perfect for the holidays. Give cookies, brownies or fudge in a holiday-themed bag. Include a heartfelt message to personalize your gift without breaking your budget.

4. Compare prices. Did you find a cute beanie that your roommate would love, but it’s out of your price range? Search other store websites online and compare prices. You never know what deals you can find when you know exactly what you want.

5. Shop small businesses. When you’re looking for something price-friendly and unique, shopping small is the way to go. Check out local businesses or sites like Etsy for fun, affordable gifts that you can’t find anywhere else.

6. Start early. The 2017 holiday season is only 12 months away! Start shopping for gifts in January and do some shopping over the summer. Buy gifts when you see something that someone will love. You’ll be surprised how much easier holiday shopping can be when you get started earlier in the year!

Do you have other holiday money-saving tips? Tell us using the hashtag #KDCoffee. Happy holidays!