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Time for a Digital Detox


Do you feel insecure because your Instagram photos aren’t as polished as hers? Are you feeling mentally overwhelmed by your Twitter feed? Do you catch yourself mindlessly opening your Facebook app within minutes of closing it?

Participate in KD’s Digital Detox on May 16! For one day, Kappa Deltas everywhere are going to stay off social media. Get all your double-taps in on the night of the 15th because we’re detoxing the next day. It’s a nice mental break to take the day off, and it’s not so bad when all your sisters are in it with you!

Most of us have an active presence on social media and can be reached at all hours of the day via text or email. Our phones are never far from us. (And even when it is, our Apple Watch will kindly deliver text messages straight to our arm.) There is no escaping the outside world, the expectations to constantly be busy or the “perfect life” comparisons that come with it.

In 2018, there is no distinction between our mental wellness and our digital wellness. What we see and share on social media and how frequently we communicate are major factors in our confidence levels and our ability to truly relax.

Consider the tips below to prioritize your digital, and mental, wellness this month.

  1. Connect offline. It’s easy to feel like ‘loving’ your college roommate’s post about her new baby is a sufficient way to show your support for this milestone in life. But, it’s not! Party like it’s 1999, and actually give her a call. Birthdays, life celebrations and Tuesday morning commutes just to say hello are all great opportunities to connect offline with your loved ones. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the same city, schedule a coffee date while you’re at it.
  2. Pause before you post. Social media is instant – and pretty permanent. It provides instant communication, instant feedback and instant relief for whatever was burning on your mind. But everything we want to post doesn’t need to be posted. Think through tomorrow or next week and decide if you’ll still want that content public.
  3. Strike the balance between authentic and professional. In 2018, your social media presence is just an extension of your daily life. It’s part of your personal and professional identity, like it or not. You can be authentic and show your true self, while also being professional.
  4. Create some new rules dictating your use of electronics. No social media after 7 p.m. No text message notifications on your smart watch. Take email off your phone (no, seriously!). Only check social media from a computer and delete the apps.

And don’t forget to join the KD Digital Detox on May 16! Let your followers know you’ll be taking a break on May 16 by sharing this graphic the day before, on May 15 (click on the image below to save). Click hereopens VIDEO file for an animated graphic you can share on your Instagram story.

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