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The Confidence Network


I’ve never seen or experienced anything like the sisterhood of Kappa Delta. This network of women is more special than words can describe. Our sisters consistently come together to share ideas and work toward something bigger than ourselves. That is Kappa Delta.

Women at hockey game

Amoreena and a sister enjoy a hockey game.

I never saw myself as a stereotypical “sorority girl,” and I didn’t think I would fit in in a sorority. However, my initial perception of sorority life quickly changed when I met the sisters of Kappa Delta at Pace University in New York City. Joining this strong network of women inspired me to be a better version of myself. I found myself slowly embracing what makes me unique. I never expected to appreciate the values and rituals of Kappa Delta, but I soon realized the similarities between my sisterhood and my faith. I grew up Catholic, and by joining KD I reconnected with my own religion. Now, I have so much more respect for the views and values I learned growing up.

Knowing your values is important, especially as a young woman. As a collegian, I found Kappa Delta values gave me confidence to get involved on my campus and to enter the “real world” without hesitation. By seeing the women in my network of sisters succeed, I gained the drive and motivation to get more involved and conquer my fears. And above all, I knew that even after I left college, I could still hold onto the sense of family that comes with our sisterhood.

Woman at the coast

Amoreena explored foreign places with her Kappa Delta sisters.

My KD experience was everything I hoped it could be. I assumed the position of social chairman and planned fun events for our chapter while simultaneously trying to incorporate a traditional college experience on a non-traditional campus. I received an internship opportunity through an older KD sister and was able to advance my career in a competitive city. I traveled to new countries, attended events in New York City and explored new passions, all with my sisters by my side. The influence of the Kappa Delta network has helped both me and the members of my chapter become stronger, more motivated individuals.

Women at Broadway musical

Amoreena enjoying sorority life in the big apple.

Thanks to this organization, I have met some of my best friends and people who changed my life for the better. I met my KD big sister, my littles and many others whom I’m certain I’ll call lifelong friends. I am so blessed to share my college experience with these women. My sisters are confident women, and together we create a strong force on campus. When people see a woman wearing our KD letters, they know she is empowered, smart and beautiful inside and out. Since I am a part of this network, I call myself a confident woman, too.

Amoreena Crispino

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