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The 12 Resolutions of Kappa Delta


It’s that time of year when we make resolutions to eat healthy, exercise, read more, de-clutter, live on a budget. The list is endless. While you’re making your list of resolutions, consider adding a few of these. We’ve got 12 months or 365 days to make 2020 count!

  1. Do something that makes you feel more confident. That may mean eating healthy or reading a book. Or it may mean skydiving, learning how to cook boeuf bourguignon, investing in your retirement account, traveling solo to Spain. #GoConfidently
  2. Call a KD sister with whom you’ve lost touch. Life gets busy, we know! Take a few minutes from the craziness to call or meet up with a KD sister or two. Catch up on life, share some laughs and go home renewed! Your heart will thank you. [Is there a way to add a green heart emoji?]
  3. Complete your member profile. Make sure your contact information is current so you can hear from us. We’ve got great things to share. You won’t want to miss out! #FOMO
  4. Attend one — or more — alumnae chapter events in your area. You’ll meet women from many chapters who have KD in common. Instant friends! Find an alumnae chapter here.
  5. Send your KD big or little sister a virtual white rose from the Kappa Delta Foundation. It’s a great way to honor her and show your support of Kappa Delta. In the process, you will make a difference in another KD sister’s life. It’s a win-win! Visit the white rose garden.
  6. Write a recommendation. Log into your member profile to write a recommendation for a great potential new member or introduce us to a Kappa Delta legacy. We value your suggestions. After all, who knows KD better than you?
  7. Help prevent child abuse! Each year, Kappa Deltas raise more than $2 million for this important cause. Support a local alumnae or collegiate chapter’s Shamrock Event by attending, donating and/or volunteering.
  8. Follow your chapter of initiation on Facebook or Instagram. That way you’ll be in-the-know about the chapter’s accomplishments and activities — including its Shamrock Event, recruitment success and alumnae events! Find its website with links to social media here.
  9. Share a KD post or video on your social media. Every member is a KD ambassador! Follow KDHQ on Facebook or Instagram and share or comment on our posts. You may get some #MotivationMonday or #AOTuesday while you’re there. TIP: Go to our Facebook page, choose “Like,” then click on the arrow next to “Following” and choose “See First” so you’re sure to see our posts.
  10. Tell us your KD story. Where do we find the stories to feature in The Angelos and videos? We depend on you to tell us your story! Complete this form to share your story or tell us about another inspiring Kappa Delta here.
  11. Build confidence in another woman. Building confidence is at the heart of KD. From telling a stranger her hair looks great to serving as a mentor to a collegiate chapter officer, we have countless ways to spread confidence each day. Commit to a life of building confidence in others. It’s the best way to build confidence in yourself. #KDBCIA
  12. Live our KD values. As Kappa Deltas, we have much in common. But nothing ties us closer together than our commitment to “striving for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.” Living with integrity and honor, building confidence in others, taking the lead, inspiring action — Kappa Delta gives us a roadmap to follow throughout the year and friends to walk alongside us.

Happy New Year!