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Tap in to your KD network on LinkedIn


If you have a profile on LinkedIn, you are already part of a community of nearly 500 million users with access to 11 million job listings. Not only is this an extensive network of professionals, but this is also a deep pool of recruiters who are actively searching for candidates to vet – 94 percent of recruiters, to be exact. In an age where the average person spends eight hours and 41 minutes on their devices every day (longer than the average night’s sleep!), companies and candidates are now more connected than ever. Whether you are just starting the job search, expanding your network or preparing for the next opportunity, here are some tips to bring your profile to the front of the pack:

  1. Stay Active

When was the last time you washed your car? How about the last time you hit the gym or learned something new? Just like anything, when you forget to take care of your profile, it becomes a lot harder to maintain. LinkedIn is a social network – so be social! Engage with other users consistently by updating your information, liking posts, commenting on articles and publishing your own content. This will create a visual portfolio of your personal and professional accomplishments. The idea behind the activity? The objective is to inspire other users to take action  and connect with you in real life.

  1. Develop Your Voice

Your LinkedIn profile is your voice and should reflect both your personality and career goals. Volunteered with a local organization? Learned something new in your class? Share with your network and let recruiters hear from you. Step back and think about whom you want to talk to. Whether it is a potential employer or a peer in your field, they can hear from you directly through your profile and not just from a paper résumé.

  1. Follow Your Mentors

Connecting with people who have a role that you might want someday is like digital job shadowing. What conversations are they starting? Whom do they follow? Can they connect you to someone in that company or field that you want to pursue? Plug in with the people who challenge you professionally and learn from them.

  1. Find Common Ground

Make things personal. Whenever you connect with someone new or follow up after an interview, the message you send should always be unique. Steer away from the provided default messages and reference something that you both have in common, such as being members of the KDHQ LinkedIn group! Adding that personal touch makes you a relatable candidate who demonstrates both courage and initiative.

  1. Add the Details

The finishing touch to a rock-star profile is in the details. Start with the basics – your education, previous work experience and a headshot that makes you feel confident. Then, do a little research. Look at the skills and keywords that are used in the job descriptions you are applying for and make sure you have those listed in your summary, content and experience. Also known as a version of search engine optimization, sprinkling some of those key adjectives throughout your profile will connect you to the right opportunities. It’s a perfect match!

Post job and/or internship openings and connect with sisters on our KD-only networking group on LinkedIn. Visit www.linkedin.com/groups/87658 to request to join.

Maggie Bowmanopens IMAGE file By Maggie Bowman, Epsilon Iota-Missouri
Maggie is employed with Monsanto as a change management coordinator. She serves on the Theta Beta-Washington/St. Louis chapter advisory board and previously served Kappa Delta as a 2016-2017 leadership development coordinator.