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Take the Next Step Toward Professional Success


This month’s Coffee & Confidence theme is professional development. Preparing for and continuing to grow in our careers is a priority for many Kappa Delta members. Whether you’re still in college, choosing your major, searching for an internship or looking to make the next move in your career, there is always something to learn. Like the chambered nautilus, we never stop growing into the best version of ourselves, personally and professionally.

There are many ways we can seek professional development right where we are. Check out the tips below, and follow along this month for more inspiration to be the #girlboss you were meant to be!

  1. Find a mentor. You might know someone who has your dream job, or maybe you admire someone’s leadership skills. Identify some skills or knowledge you’d like to gain, and reach out to someone who excels in that area. You can learn so much from someone who has been there before!Professional Development
  2. Invest time in your hobbies. We all have things we love to do in our free time, whether it be reading, painting, playing music or spending time with loved ones. Doing what you love can give you the energy you need to be inspired and productive at work, and it might even take you down another career path!
  3. Attend a conference or training. It’s important to seek the most up-to-date education or training in your given field to stay ahead of the curve. Look for the most beneficial trainings available that will help you excel in your current or future role. It is an investment that pays off.
  4. Set professional goals. Do you want to apply to a set number of jobs before graduation? Secure a specific internship? Log a certain number of hours on an important project? Transition to a new field in the next three years? Whatever your goals are, spend time identifying them, and make a plan to achieve them. Check your progress regularly to stay on track.
  5. Take a risk. Everyone’s risk will look different, but if you want to excel professionally, you must be on the lookout for opportunities to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Do you have a big idea that you’re scared to pitch? Have you been thinking about a career move for a long time? Do you want to change your major? Maybe you’ve been feeling like you deserve a raise. Go confidently! Take that scary next step!

What professional development tips do you have? Share them on social media using the hashtag #KDCoffee. We’d love to hear from you!