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ROTC and KD: It Works for Me!


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I attended Villanova University as a nursing major and received a scholarship from the U.S. Navy to join the ROTC program. When I came to college, I was immediately immersed in a “boys club.” Life at Villanova mostly consisted of training, studying and sleeping. When other women started to talk about sorority recruitment, it was hard to picture myself going through that process. It was almost unheard of for a woman in ROTC to join a sorority. I was expected to keep a hard exterior, and it was my understanding that being part of a sorority was incompatible with the tough image I needed to portray.  

However, I gave it a shot. Kappa Delta shattered every misconception I had about sororities. The women who surrounded me were fierce, motivated and supportive. They were influential leaders, held a strong presence on my campus and introduced me to initiatives in the community. They lifted each other up in a way that only sisters could. 

Kappa Delta not only builds confidence, it develops leadership. Soon after joining KD, I started to realize the value of an all-women’s organization. I came to my sisters with problems I saw on campus and the ways I wanted to address them. It was the strength and leadership of my sisters that inspired me to grow within the chapter and eventually lead it. During my term as chapter president, I was able to develop skills in delegation, planning, executing events and managing a team. I credit this organization for my ability to speak up and make my voice heard. It has made me a better friend and ally for the women on my campus, in my sorority and in ROTC.   

Kappa Delta is an impassioned group of change-makers. We advocate for the advancement of women daily and actively participate in the development of women leaders. We participate in service activities together, tackle societal issues, support each other and build networks along the way. For those who are deciding to participate in sorority recruitment, I encourage you to find a group of women who make you feel like your best self. Kappa Delta consistently demonstrates the strength of women who band together. This sorority has created an environment for friendship, development and empowerment. I will forever be grateful for the strength it has given me.   

Abigail Bartlett
Eta Theta-Villanova