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Remembering the Constants

According to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, change is the only constant in life. Unless of course, you’re a Kappa Delta! But seriously, change can be hard! So how do we get through life’s twists and turns? We remember the constants that stand firm through it all! In seasons of hectic schedules, big life events, uncertain times and joyous occasions, let’s remember and be thankful for the constants in our lives. Since 1897, Kappa Delta has been a constant in hundreds of thousand women’s lives, and it will remain a constant throughout your life as a collegian and as an alumna. 

Think about what has been and what always will be constant in your life. Here are a few every Kappa Delta sister can claim:  

1. Unwavering love and support from Kappa Delta sisters 

The quality of those around us has a direct correlation to the quality of our lives. The relationships you form during your time as a collegian will follow you long after graduation. That connection, conversation, trust and guidance will be constant reminders of the bonds of friendship that you all share. 

From recovering from back surgery under the care of your Kappa Delta sisters like Alexandra Gagliano (Beta Pi-Florida) or keeping up with long distance friendships like Grace Galler (Alpha Mu – Mississippi) and Sawyer Brown (Beta Zeta – South Carolina), your Kappa Delta sisters will be constant reminders that no matter where you are, you always have love and support behind you. 

2. Kappa Delta’s mission to build confidence in women and inspire them to action 

It’s easy to let fear and self-doubt creep into our everyday thoughts, but Kappa Delta offers members the confidence to excel academically, develop leadership skills, become responsible citizens and take action in the world. When you start to feel your confidence slipping, your sisters are always there reminding you of your importance, worth and ability. 

When Laurye Strickland Messer (Kappa Alpha – Florida State) and two friends, Becky Liner and Tracy Ippolito, created the nonprofit A Full Summer to ensure local students wouldn’t go hungry during the school break, Kappa Delta was there to support their efforts with a grant from the Kappa Delta Foundation. That grant funded a school pantry for one year, and in total, A Full Summer raised enough funds to support eight school pantries for the next two years.    

3. Connection to others during challenging times 

Over the past two and a half years, we’ve learned just how important connection to others is. As the way we live and work has transformed, we are now able to make lasting, meaningful connections with not only the people close to us, but with those all over the world. 

We’ve seen our Kappa Delta sisters foster connections with each other in the most wonderful ways. Brianna Costello (Eta Zeta-North Florida) was overwhelmed with support from collegians and alumnae all over the country after posting in the Kappa Delta Connection Facebook page asking for help when she had to pack up, move across the county and start over. 

Kappa Delta is for life and with over 270,000 members all over the world, you are never too far away from the support and connection of your sisters. Here are some tips on how to confidently face big changes and challenges.   

4. Kappa Delta’s commitment to providing opportunities and experiences that foster personal and professional growth for a lifetime. 

Kappa Delta instills confidence in women that leads them to grow and develop into leaders both in their personal and professional lives. We love watching our sisters succeed and finding the confidence to achieve their goals. 

Kappa Delta inspired leaders like Lynne Martin Doughtie (Epsilon Pi – Virginia Tech) and Adanna Newby (Theta Rho-George Mason). Kappa Delta helped give them the confidence to follow their passion and step up and be leaders in their careers and their lives. 

5. The Kappa Delta Foundation’s commitment to provide scholarships, educational programming, leadership opportunities and philanthropic support 

From graduate and undergraduate scholarships and internship opportunities to the Alumnae Crisis Fund, the Kappa Delta Foundation is committed to being a constant support for our members. When COVID-19 completely turned Diana Alvarado’s (Eta Xi – Dartmouth) life upside down, Kappa Delta was there to support her.  

Contributions from alumnae, collegians and friends of Kappa Delta, like you, enable the foundation to fund scholarships and educational opportunities, provide internships and leadership training, and support our national philanthropies and numerous local community outreach programs. 

So, think about the things you hope remain constant in your life and do what you can to foster those relationships and skills. Kappa Delta will be here to support you through it all. 

Learn more about our constant, confident sisterhood here.