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New KD brand keeps up with the times.


I’ve been with Kappa Delta National Headquarters since late 1996, and it’s been quite a ride! I have seen many of the programs, initiatives and partnerships that are central to the KD experience come to fruition during that time. Over the past 19 years, we developed our partnership with Girl Scouts, created International Women’s Friendship Month and International Girls Day, and launched the Confidence Coalition. We even got a voicemail system and email at National Headquarters. What did we do without those? Most of you won’t know what I’m referring to when I say we used to take messages for each other on pink “while-you-were-out” slips.

You could say, Kappa Delta has been making great things happen. But that’s nothing new—that could be said of KD since its founding. To reflect the sorority’s impact, in 2006, we adopted a logo and the tag line “making great things happen,” and it has served us well. But that was 10 years ago! Times have changed, and, I’m sure you’ll agree, our brand needed to be refreshed.

As we began thinking about rebranding, we asked members, what are those “great things” Kappa Deltas make happen? It didn’t take us long to realize Kappa Deltas build confidence and inspire action. Members quickly embraced the Confidence Coalition when it was created in 2009 and took pride in the work they were able to do in the lives of girls and women.

We are very excited to share the new Kappa Delta brand with you. Along with a new logo and fonts, we have a new tag line—“Building Confidence. Inspiring Action.” Building confidence is what unifies us and what sets us apart from other sororities. And we inspire each other to take action – to actively live our values and make a difference in the lives of others.

National President Alison Argersinger explains: “The new logo depicts a rose within a nautilus shell. Each chapter can contribute to the national brand by continuing to grow and move forward, like the ever-growing nautilus shell. Like the white rose, we can strive for beauty in our words, how we treat others and in the legacy we leave for those to come. Think of the impact we can have as an organization if we all build confidence and inspire action every day!”

Now let’s go build confidence and inspire action!

Heidi Roy,
Director of Communications