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More Than Letters on a T-Shirt


Joining a sorority was always something I wanted to do. However, once I joined Kappa Delta, I discovered that being in a sorority means much more than letters on a T-shirt.

As a little girl, I grew up watching movies about sorority women. I loved seeing their beautiful chapter houses and the friendships they shared on screen. I knew that when I started college, I wanted to belong to a group of women who would always be there for me and inspire me, just like in the movies. I quickly learned that what I saw in films only scratched the surface of sorority life — there is so much more to the experience than what is portrayed on screen. The women in Kappa Delta have given me genuine friendship, the greatest support system and numerous memories I will cherish forever. They also pushed me outside my comfort zone.

women in matching shirts

Emily and her Kappa Delta sisters sporting their letters.

I am in my first year of pharmacy school at the University of Kansas, pursuing my doctorate in pharmacy. My course of study is challenging, with numerous science classes, heavy workloads and high expectations. I love pharmacy school, but my Kappa Delta sisters encouraged me not to define myself solely as a woman in STEM. Because of KD, I felt confident to branch out beyond academics and pursue creative avenues.

woman with board

Emily shows her excitement for pharmacy school.

At the University of Kansas, we host one of the largest student-run philanthropy events in the nation: Rock Chalk Revue. Sororities and fraternities are paired in teams to create a 30-minute musical. All of the sets and costumes must be original, and every team must perform an original song. Since I was a freshman, KD has had the opportunity to compete in the show every year.

Even though I am busy with pharmacy school, my KD sisters encouraged me to get involved. I am currently the director for this year’s production. The opportunity to write and direct an entire show performed for thousands of people, all while raising thousands of dollars for a good cause, is something so special. This philanthropy event helped me grow even closer to my Kappa Delta sisters. They instilled the confidence in me to explore my creative side.

The sorority experience goes beyond what you see on television or in movies. Those Greek letters signify that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. You are part of something that will shape you into a confident woman and shaped many women before you. It is a lifelong commitment to friends that you never even realized were missing from your heart before college.

Emily Marshall

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