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Meet the LDCs


They spent their summer preparing for a year of travel during which they will help develop effective collegiate leaders and strengthen Kappa Delta chapters. Now in the coming days and weeks, our 21 leadership development consultants will be hitting the road to visit chapters all over the country. Before our #roadwarriors start collecting their frequent flyer miles, there are some fun facts you should know about them.

Cristina Attard LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-4

Cristina Attard was an extra in a movie and walked the red carpet during its premier (#KDfamous). She is fiercely dedicated to Kappa Delta and is taking on her second year as a leadership development consultant. She is a Friends fanatic and religiously quotes the TV show.

Maribeth Broussard LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-2

Maribeth Broussard was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and, prior to traveling for KD, her military family moved seven times and lived in five states. She is enamored of her miniature dachshund, Violet, and has a new found obsession with kickboxing.

Robin Brown LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-1

Robin Brown was a woman in need of sisters. She was the first girl born into her family in eight generations! We’re glad that Robin couldn’t get enough KD sisterhood and is traveling as a consultant for a second year. Fun facts: she has never broken a bone and is allergic to glue.

Hannah Ranowiecki LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-5

Hannah Ranowiecki has been to 12 countries. She is now preparing for her second year of travel for the sorority as a senior LDC. Hannah is a fitness enthusiast who has run four half-marathons. If she visits your chapter, ask her about the time she recorded a demo.

Gretchen Seeling LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-12

Gretchen Seeling and her brother were born on the same day three years apart. Buddy from Cake Boss made the cake for her 16th birthday. She is obsessed with French bulldogs, but doesn’t have one of her own (yet). Gretchen will travel for Kappa Delta as a senior LDC.

Maggie Bowman LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-18

Maggie Bowman shares Kappa Delta with her mom, twin sister and little sister. They are all KDs! She has lived abroad in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and Mexico City, Mexico. Maggie’s guilty pleasure is peanut M&Ms.

Madison Condon LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-16

Madison Condon loves to learn about science and viruses. She enjoys hiking and, like Cristina, is a big fan of the TV show Friends.

Caisey Dotson LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-20 edited

Caisey Dotson is fond of reptiles, or at least her pet turtle named Tod. She has an adopted brother and once worked at a go-cart track.

Meredith Duncan LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-15

Meredith Duncan grew up 20 minutes from Disneyland and studied abroad in Florence, Italy. She says she might be one of few people who enjoyed jury duty. The experience encouraged her to pursue a career in legal psychology.

Chelsea Ehalt LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-19

Chelsea Ehalth has studied abroad twice—once in Lille, France, another time in London and Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Her all-time favorite movie is The Lion King, and she can quote any episode of Friends.

Taylor Farmer LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-21

Taylor Farmer is musically talented and athletic. She loves to play the piano and enjoys water sports like wake boarding and wake surfing. You can often find Taylor planning out her life on Pinterest.

Madeline Hardy LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-7

Madeline Hardy has never stayed in the same place for long. She has lived in four different states and moved five times. She also studied abroad in Valencia, Spain. Madeline is a fan of the San Francisco Giants.

Olivia Hirt LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-6

Olivia Hirt was a founding member of Theta Delta-Dayton and served as the first VP-operations and second president. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy, her favorite place to have visited. Olivia loves to spend time outdoors and play tennis.

Ashley Merkel LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-14

Ashley Merkel wants to retire to Hilton Head Island someday. The beach is her happy place despite the time her brother made her eat a “powdered sugar donut” that turned out to be a ball of sand. Ashley got in trouble in middle school for talking in an accent for seven days.

Shannon Mooney LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-17

Shannon Mooney is a woman of many talents. As a child, she performed Irish dance for years and rode a unicycle before she learned how to ride a bike. If Shannon visits your chapter, ask her about the time she was on an episode of The Bachelorette (not as a contestant).

Kate Schade LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-8

Kate Schade studied abroad in France when she was in high school. She has a love for all the New England sports teams and her first job was at McDonalds.

Alexis Soares LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-10

Alexis Soares loves the show Scandal and wants to be Olivia Pope someday. She refers to her dog, Brody, as her puppy brother. You can always catch Alexis in Ohio State gear. Go Bucks!

Jenna Strader LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-11

Jenna Strader’s favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy, and she loves the Carolina Panthers. In a beach versus mountains debate, she would choose going to the beach over the mountains any day.

Savannah Strayer LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-13

Savannah Strayer has a passion for hot dogs and a talent for touching her nose with her tongue. If she visits your chapter, ask her about receiving the Corre Anding Stegall Leadership Award.

Natalia Toccoli LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-3

Natalia Toccoli studied abroad in Florence, Italy, for a semester. She has a love of fashion and follows multiple fashion bloggers. She also enjoys baking, especially chocolate chip cookies.

Alexa Wood LDCs Blazer Headshots Edited 300dpi 8x10-9

Like several of her LDC sisters, Alexa Wood quotes the TV show Friends on a daily basis. She competed in the Miss South Carolina Teen pageant as Miss Clemson Teen 2011 and is obsessed with golden retriever puppies.

Aside from these fun facts, you can learn about our LDCs and their collegiate experiences on our Tumblr. Follow their travels this year on Instagram at @kappadeltaldcs.