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Live Your Values Every Day


Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi

October is a month full of Kappa Delta celebrations. From members experiencing Initiation for the first time to celebrating our Founders Day, there are many special moments for KDs in the coming weeks. When we take time to reflect on the history and meaning of our values, it allows us to truly appreciate who we are, as well as consider how we are living our values every day – not just during Initiation!

What do we really mean when we talk about living our values? Often, our values can feel like some thing that is separate from us. Discussing the values of our founders might feel like we are trying to understand something from 1897 that just isn’t relevant anymore. How can we relate? What did Lenora and Sara and Julia and Mary know about being on a college campus in 2017?

The good news is they knew quite a bit! The idea of “living your values” means making decisions that align with your beliefs. If your friends and family are important to you, your decisions will reflect that.  If academics are your top priority, you won’t find yourself neglecting them. If honesty and authenticity are at the core of who you are, you will show that in every interaction you have with friends and sisters.  That is as true in 2017 as it was in 1897.

Every decision we make tells the world around us something about what we value. From how we treat strangers to how we show up for class, we are sending a message.  It’s up to us to determine what that message is. As sorority women, and as Kappa Deltas, we have made a commitment to encouraging others and building confidence. We value sisterhood, truth and leadership. We build confidence in each other and inspire action in the world around us.

Spend this month talking with your sisters and friends about what it looks like to live our values every day. How can we show our campus and community what Kappa Deltas value through our actions, not just our words?

Kappa Delta asks that we become our very best selves. This month, let’s dig deeper and learn how we can answer that call. Let’s build confidence and inspire action every single day.

Share with us how you live Kappa Delta values. Tag us in your posts and use the Coffee & Confidence hashtag #KDCoffee. You may be featured in the next Coffee & Confidence post or on KDHQ social media.