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Life at 30,000 Feet


After two years of traveling the country, I can guess the exact weight of my luggage by picking it up with one hand and have mastered the art of inflight napping without using the shoulder of my unsuspecting neighbor as a pillow. I have arrived at airports with 30 minutes to spare and still waited in line to board. I could pack for an entire year in one small carry-on and still have more than I need to survive. However, it’s what happens between  airports that makes this job  the greatest opportunity. Traveling as a leadership development consultant for Kappa Delta has brought me unparalleled joy.


As a LDC, I have made 67 chapter visits in 20 different states, meeting over 4,600 of our collegiate sisters from across the nation. Whether I’m visiting to assist with recruitment efforts or officer transition or simply checking in to ensure a chapter has the resources it needs from the national organization, my favorite part of the job is undoubtedly the relationships I’ve developed with our members.


It’s hard to put into words what it feels like when a vice president -membership greets you with tears of joy at 4 a.m. because the chapter has met quota and is ecstatic to welcome the newest pledge class. Imagine the wave of emotions that overwhelm you at convention when you hear the name of a chapter you’ve worked closely with throughout the year receive an award.


It’s also impossible to articulate the unique bonds that are formed with your LDC class. There is so much excitement when you are finally reunited and are able to share stories from the road with the women who inspire you, challenge you and consistently support you.


What I will miss most about my two years as a consultant are the friends I’ve made along the way. While I may not see these treasured friends often, I am confident that no matter how many miles separate us there is an unspoken and steadfast assurance that we will always be true to one another. I’ve learned that no matter how different we may be we all value the same fundamental things: leadership, friendship and loyalty.

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I believe in Kappa Delta because, as a collegian and then an employee, I have been encouraged to be a leader, made lifelong friendships and seen the value of authentic sisterhood nationwide. Two years and 169 flights later, I’m trading my suitcases for an apartment and my window seat for a desk, but I will forever be grateful for the last 24 months of life at 30,000 feet.

In our KD,

Andrea Shook
Senior Leadership Development Consultant