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Let's celebrate friendship!


During International Women’s Friendship Month each September, campuses and communities are focused on celebrating women and their friendships with one another. The power of female comradery is unstoppable!

Here are a few simple and creative ways to celebrate IWFM:

Bestie Brunch: Get together with your girl gang and head to your favorite restaurant for brunch. Ask everyone to stay phone-free during the meal to allow everyone to fully engage in the conversation. Share stories about your favorite memories of your times together.

Friendly Fitness: Head to a female-friendly class at the gym and get your work out on with other women who value fitness. Cheer others on when the workout gets tough. If you’re feeling fancy, bring water bottles with friendship quotes on them for everyone to stay hydrated during the class.

Panhellenic Picnic: IWFM is not just for Kappa Deltas! Celebrate friendship with other sorority women in your community. Host a picnic at a local park and make memories with old and new friends. If you want to reconnect with your grade-school roots, you can plan field day games like a three-legged race, water balloon toss and more.

Send Snail Mail: In a world on texting, it can be a treat to receive fun snail mail. This September, challenge yourself to write a least two to three cards each week to women who have made a positive impact on your life. Even better, send them an extra card that’s blank and encourage them to pay it forward and write to a note to someone who has inspired them. There is no better way to spread the message of friendship.

Submit Your #FriendshipUnscripted story: Check your newsfeed on social media for the #FriendshipUnscripted video series. Engage with Kappa Delta and the Confidence Coalition by posting a picture or video of you and your best friend sharing the story of your friendship. By using the hashtag # FriendshipUnscripted, you and your pal will be entered to win a prize from Kappa Delta!