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Get to know the 2023-2024 Kappa Delta Leadership Development Consultants

We are excited to announce the 2023-2024 Kappa Delta Leadership Development Consultants and want to introduce you to the team!  

This fall, these 14 women will pack their bags and hit the road to support our 168 Kappa Delta collegiate chapters, as well as help reestablish chapters at Texas Christian University and Samford University.  

Leadership Development Consultants (LDCs) are recent graduates who provide education, guidance and support to Kappa Delta collegians, serving as mentors and role models for the chapters. Some LDCs are traveling consultants, visiting and supporting different chapters in specific divisions. Others are in-residence consultants, supporting one chapter throughout the year or working to reestablish dormant chapters.  

Since the first consultant hit the road in 1962, LDCs have strengthened chapters and helped members build their confidence, while developing their own skills in the process.   

Senior LDCs 

Four LDCs from the 2022-2023 class are returning as senior consultants this year. You might have met one or two of them during their travels, but we want you to get reacquainted with them! 

Sera Giles (Nu-Oklahoma State) 

Sera will be an in-residence consultant working to reestablish our Gamma Zeta Chapter at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth. Sera is from Oklahoma City and has a degree in business administration-management and a second in entrepreneurship with a minor in marketing.  

While in her collegiate chapter, Sera served as the Panhellenic delegate and a sisterhood enrichment team (SET) leader, and served the entire sorority community as Panhellenic president. 

Fun Fact: 

Sera is the youngest of six kids and was homeschooled through third grade. 

What are you most looking forward to as a second year LDC? 

I’m looking forward to experiencing Kappa Delta in a new way! I loved being an LDC supporting 21 chapters. Now, I’m ready to help start a new chapter, so the women at TCU can experience Kappa Delta, too!” 

Alyssa Hahn (Epsilon Iota-Missouri) 

Alyssa currently supports divisions 15 and 16opens PDF file and she’ll continue that work in the coming academic year.  

Alyssa is from St. Louis, Missouri, but currently lives in Austin, Texas. She has a degree in secondary education and hopes one day to teach chemistry. In her collegiate chapter, she served as vice president-community service and homecoming liaison. Kappa Delta’s philanthropic partner, Girl Scouts, is close to her heart because she is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient. 

Favorite KD memory: 

“Homecoming my senior year – it was even more rewarding this past year attending as an alumna.” 

What are you most looking forward to as a second year LDC? 

“I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my relationship with chapter leaders in divisions 15 and 16! I have enjoyed spending a year getting to know them, their sisterhoods, and their campuses, so I am excited to continue helping these chapters reach their goals!  

Maddie Hall (Iota-Centre) 

Maddie is currently the in-residence consultant at the Theta Beta Chapter at Washington University in St. Louis. Next academic year, she will support chapters in division 19 and beyond as a traveling consultant.  

Maddie is from Louisville, Kentucky, and earned a degree in psychology and a minor in education. She served her chapter as vice president-membership for two terms. Madelynn was also a Girl Scout and competitively swam. 

Fun Fact:  

Maddie is a Cyclebar instructor and loves to teach in her free time.  

What are you most looking forward to as a second year LDC? 

“I’m looking forward to traveling this year after being an in-residence consultant, developing our chapter leaders and seeing each chapter’s sisterhood!” 

Courtney Hrubala (Epsilon Sigma-Wofford) 

After spending this year supporting divisions 4 and 5, Courtney will be in-residence at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, to reestablish the Delta Theta Chapter.  

Courtney is from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and has a degree in biology and a minor in business. While she was in her collegiate chapter, she served as VP-membership, recruitment assistant, community service assistant, a SET leader, and alumnae relations chair. Courtney loves to play tennis in her free time and hopes to work in medical device sales. 

Favorite KD memory: 

“My mom was also a Kappa Delta at Wofford, so some of my favorite memories include homecoming and my mom being at initiation and bid day to celebrate with me! Kappa Delta will always be a special bond I am able to share with my mom. She’s my role model, and because of KD, she’s also my sister.” 

What are you most looking forward to as a second year LDC? 

I’m excited to be a part of the extension team and find a new love for KD through reestablishing the chapter at Samford. I’m also looking forward to working with and mentoring the new first-year consultants.” 

First-Year LDCs 

Alli Ayers (Beta Rho-San Diego State) 

Alli is from Davis, California, and is currently pursuing a journalism/advertising degree.  

Throughout her KD experience, Alli has served as vice president-recruitment & marketing, director of alumnae relations and a member on the accountability & support board. Outside of KD, Alli has served her community as the Greek life activities board director of philanthropy and director of digital content, and she was a campus admissions representative. Growing up, Alli was a Girl Scout and competed in archery!  

Favorite KD memory: 

“The preference ceremony during primary recruitment – hearing my best friends give their testimonies, I truly realized how grateful I was to have met them through Kappa Delta.” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Continue putting yourself out there — through things like living in the house and serving on council — to feel more connected to KD earlier.” 

Jill Bounds (Xi-Pittsburgh) 

Jill is from Rochester, New York, and is a pre-physician’s assistant student pursuing degrees in neuroscience, psychology and natural sciences.  

Jill served her chapter as president, VP-events and programing, VP-community service, a risk management team member and was on the sexual assault prevention committee. Outside of KD, Jill was a pre-physician’s assistant mentor and involved with the Red Cross. She’s also a Girl Scout.  

Favorite KD memory: 

“Planning Shamrock for the first time in-person following the pandemic. I loved seeing how it bought our sisterhood and the fraternity and sorority community together.” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Stand your ground and know that you are valuable – KD will teach you to do this with grace, poise and confidence.” 

Lauren Cargill (Nu-Oklahoma State) 

Lauren is a pre-law student pursuing a psychology degree and a minor in communication studies. Throughout her KD experience, Lauren was DEI chair, an accountability & support board member, a SET leader, and the head of Shamrock donations. She is also the recipient of a Kappa Delta Foundation merit scholarship. 

Lauren is from Dallas and was a Girl Scout.  

Future career goals:  

Lauren hopes to attend graduate school and work in fraternity & sorority affairs. 

Advice she would give to college freshman self: 

“Things will get better – it feels like the end of the world, but you’ll end up exactly where you need to be.” 

Bella Cutruzzula (Nu-Oklahoma State) 

Bella is from Drummond, Oklahoma, and is pursuing a degree in nutritional sciences. In the future, she wants to attend graduate school for a higher degree in healthcare administration.  

Bella was chapter president and VP-membership, and on campus, she was a President’s Leadership Council facilitator and a CowboyThon committee member. Bella loves to work out, read, hangout with friends and go on walks. She is also the recipient of a Kappa Delta Foundation scholarship. 

Favorite KD memory: 

“When I served the chapter as president where I was able to make such amazing friendships with the women I worked alongside.” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others. Be confident in who you are! 

Courtney Duran (Eta Alpha-Texas A&M/College Station) 

Courtney is from Missouri City, Texas, and will be staying in the Lone Star State to reestablish the Gamma Zeta Chapter at Texas Christian University. Courtney is pursuing a degree in education with a minor in history. 

Courtney was chapter president, VP-learning and development, director of philanthropy and community service, director of member retention, Shamrock chair and a recruitment team member. Courtney is also a Corre Anding Stegall Collegiate Leadership Award recipient. 

In her free time, Courtney enjoys board games, spending time outside and reading. 

Favorite KD memory: 

“Participating in recruitment during my term as president – I loved the behind-the-scenes work, intentionality and encouraging the chapter through their hard work.” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to reach out to others.” 

Jules Moorman (Gamma Kappa-Louisiana/Lafayette) 

Jules is from Minden, Louisiana, and is pursuing degrees in business administration and marketing. 

During Jules’ time in her chapter, she was the DEI chair, parliamentarian, and the homecoming talent show organizer and choreographer. She was also a Panhellenic recruitment counselor and an Episcopal youth community member. 

Fun Facts:  

She’s the second oldest of seven kids, teaches dance and musical theater and used to play the saxophone! 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Embrace change – changing your perspective is important for success, and nothing is worth damaging your mental health for.” 

Alyssa Paskie (Epsilon RhoRochester) 

Alyssa is from Buffalo, New York, and is pursuing a degree in public health. In her KD chapter, Alyssa was VP-inclusion, Panhellenic delegate, director of social events, continuous-open bidding (COB) chair, an accountability & support board member and a SET Leader. She was also involved in Panhellenic as the head recruitment counselor, VP-publicity and VP-recruitment.  

Fun Facts: 

She was a Girl Scout, loves to scrapbook and loves to bake! 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Have confidence in yourself and put yourself out there.” 

Ana Patiño (Beta Sigma-Southern Mississippi) 

Ana is from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and is pursuing a degree in business administration with a minor in strategic communications. Ana was chapter president and VP-member education. On campus, she was an Eagle Connection University Ambassador, campus tour guide and a Circle of Sisterhood committee member.

She’ll be spending the next academic year in-residence at Samford University to reestablish the Delta Theta Chapter. Ana is also a Corre Anding Stegall Collegiate Leadership Award recipient.  

Fun facts:  

Growing up, Ana was a military kid, traveled a lot and was a Girl Scout. 

Favorite KD memory: 

“Initiation during my term as VP-ME.” 

Mary Claire Witwer (Zeta Epsilon-Kansas) 

Mary Claire is from Overland Park, Kansas, and is pursuing a degree in applied behavioral science with a minor in psychology. 

Mary Claire was chapter president, secretary, a SET leader, and a Bid Day committee member. She was also a Girl Scout, Kappa Delta Foundation merit scholarship recipient, and a member of Order of Omega and Phi Beta Kappa Honor Societies.

Favorite KD memory:  

“When I got my big sister – she is the reason why I felt at home in KD and got involved in leadership opportunities.” 

Advice she would give her college freshman self: 

“Just because you may not be the loudest in the room doesn’t mean you’re not qualified to be a leader. Have confidence in yourself and know you have strengths that will be valued.”