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I’m a First-Generation American and Confident Kappa Delta


When I began my college career as a commuter student at Pace University in New York City, I wanted to meet new people, gain new perspectives and do new things that pushed me beyond my comfort zone. While growing up, I was surrounded by many strong, inspiring women who contributed to who I am today. I always strived to be like them and wanted to find a group of women my own age who shared these same positive and uplifting qualities.

During my first week on campus, I spent some time in my university’s honors lounge where I was welcomed by a group of women who were eager to offer me tips and information about classes, clubs and activities. I soon learned that these women were members of Kappa Delta. As a first-generation American, I didn’t know much about sorority life, but I loved how these women radiated confidence. Hearing them speak about their summer internships and express their excitement for one another’s achievements made me long for friends who would do the same for me.

After learning more about the sororities on my campus, I realized that Kappa Delta’s core values reflected my own personal beliefs. By the time recruitment came around, I knew I wanted to be a Kappa Delta.

By joining Kappa Delta, I have gained so much more than a group of friends. Through alumnae networking events and workshops, I gained the confidence I needed to land my first internship at a rock music management company, another internship at a music publisher and my on-campus job, where I have the pleasure of working with many of my sisters at my university’s tutoring center. My sisters helped me edit my resume, write a cover letter and practice interview questions to give me the confidence I needed for these pursuits. Kappa Delta has taught me that with confidence I can do anything, and I am now more open to trying new things.

The first year I participated in recruitment as a member and was able to share KD’s values with the next class of students, I got emotional as I reflected on my Kappa Delta journey. I am so proud of how my KD sisters and I have been able to grow together. Being surrounded by intelligent, strong and confident women has pushed me to grow to be my best self. We may all have different interests and ambitions, but we will always support each other. Because of Kappa Delta, I am no longer afraid of the uncertainties of life after college. I am extremely proud to be able to say, “I am a Kappa Delta” for the rest of my life.

Alexandra Tasev

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