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How KD Helped Me Discover a Network of Unconditional Support


As a first-year student going through sorority recruitment, I did not think I would fit in, be liked or find my place. Luckily, I was wrong. When I left my home state to attend college at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, I never imagined I would find a group of people who love and support each other unconditionally — but I found that in Kappa Delta. My Kappa Delta sisters have taught me so many important lessons I never could have foreseen.

I never thought about the importance of women supporting women before joining KD. I had bought into how the media portrays sororities as competitive, both within the chapter and among other sororities. However, that was not my experience as a member of Kappa Delta. Not only is KD inclusive and supportive in the chapter, our chapter promotes confidence in women on a larger scale throughout the campus community. During my time in the chapter, I learned that being a sorority woman does not mean competing with other sororities to “be the best,” but it means you are a part of an organization with the goal of bettering women and supporting a cause.

Last year, I discovered unconditional love and support from KD sisters beyond my own chapter. I was given an unimaginable opportunity to travel to Kappa Delta headquarters to share my story as part of the national Discover Kappa Delta campaign. I was joined by 11 other strong, confident and uplifting women in different KD chapters across the country who quickly became some of my closest friends. This was our time to show the world what it means to be a Kappa Delta. We wanted to empower other women to be a part of a sorority and tell them how Kappa Delta encouraged us to be better women.

Being a part of the campaign was more than just a fun weekend away from school; It allowed me to express to my friends, family and people in my life who thought sororities were only about having fun, that it means so much more. Kappa Delta empowers women to use their voice for good, uplift other women, be successful in the workforce and heighten leadership skills. This campaign brought me more than I could have ever imagined, from a new group of Kappa Delta friends to the growth of my public speaking skills. There are not enough words to share all that Kappa Delta has given to me. I truly do not think I would be prepared for the real world without my KD experience, nor would I have discovered my true passion in life: empowering women.

A sorority gives you sisters and lifelong friendships that continue to grow overtime. When you go through the recruitment process, I encourage you to look beyond the superficial aspects of sorority life. Look deeper because sorority membership is a lifelong commitment that extends beyond your time in college. Yes, being a part of a sorority is fun, but being there for your sisters no matter what is the most important thing. Your sisters are there to build you up, encourage you to be the best version of yourself and support you no matter what.

Kelsey Key

opens in a new windowTheta Xi-North Carolina/Wilmington

Watch Kelsey’s Discover Kappa Delta video opens in a new windowhere.