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How Kappa Delta Gave Me the Confidence to Lead


It feels like a lifetime ago when I went through recruitment during my freshman year of college. I can hardly remember the young woman I was back then. I was so nervous about being away from home for the first time and so anxious about college classes, but I knew I wanted to be involved in something worthwhile. My family and friends never expected me to sign up for sorority recruitment, but it was the best decision I ever made.

During recruitment, the Kappa Deltas talked about how much confidence they gained during their time in the chapter. They spoke about all the leadership opportunities, support from their sisters and pride they had in their philanthropies. I wasn’t sure if I could ever achieve a level of confidence that these women exhibited. As I write this three years later, I realize the confidence they exhibited then now applies to me as well.

Within our Kappa Delta chapter, I found my own personal cheerleaders. My sisters have encouraged me to tackle any challenge. During my first year in the chapter, an upperclassman sister who served as the vice president of community service asked me to be her assistant. I had not applied for the position, and I didn’t think I was as qualified as an older chapter member. However, our VP-CS saw something in me. Becoming an appointed officer as her assistant when I was a freshman gave me all the confidence in the world.

Together, we planned a successful Shamrock event and many Girl Scout events. That sister taught me  how to plan a philanthropy event, delegate and educate our chapter on the importance of our philanthropies. She taught me what it meant to be a leader. A few months later, I went on to apply for the position of vice president of community service because of her.

When I was elected to serve as VP-CS, I soon discovered the importance of teamwork within our chapter. Spearheading a philanthropy event was intimidating, and I doubted myself many times, but I had my sisters there for me every step of the way. My Shamrock committee and my assistant became my biggest support. Without them, the philanthropy events would not have been successful. Even on the most stressful days of planning, those sisters gave me confidence. Because of them, I knew that if I could plan a successful philanthropy event, I could take on anything. On the day of the first philanthropy event I planned as VP-CS, I was so proud. It was our most successful event up to that time, and I am still in disbelief to this day.

During my term as VP-CS, many sisters approached me and suggested I run for president. I didn’t think it was a position I could handle. I was confident and self-assured as VP-CS, but the role of president was daunting. I thought someone else would be better suited, as I am one of the more soft-spoken members of the chapter. However, after a lot of encouragement from my roommates and my sisters, I decided to run. If these women saw something in me, if they believed I could lead the chapter as president, then I could do it.

I am currently typing this blog post as our chapter’s president. Sometimes, it’s still hard for me to believe. Realizing how my chapter valued me made me more confident than ever before. The stories of confidence shared by the Kappa Deltas during my freshman recruitment were true. Now, I have the opportunity to build confidence in others. I cannot imagine who I would be if I did not go through recruitment. I have become the best version of myself during my time in Kappa Delta and a more confident woman because of it.

Aimee Padley

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