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How I Discovered Home, Harmony and Confidence in Kappa Delta


What is it about a home that provides comfort; the comfort to grow and comfort to lead? One of my favorite ways to describe being “at home”is being in harmony with one‘s surroundings. I found both home and harmony in Kappa Delta. I also found confidence.

Heading off to college, I was unsure of what to expect. I was comfortable in my hometown and had trouble moving hundreds of miles away and  leaving everything familiar behind. However, I was excited to gain new experiences, and it all started with sorority recruitment.

During the recruitment process, I remember hearing the word home” used quite often. I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of sorority membership, but upon hearing that word, I knew I wanted to feel a sense of “home” in a chapter. I set out to find my home within the 16 sororities on my campus, many of which I’d never even heard of before.

Recruitment held many ups and downs for me. I knew that recruitment was a complicated process of mutual selection and I needed to give it my all. After the long week of conversations, meeting members and reflecting on the experiences, I realized I had only heard about the joys of being in a sorority, but nothing about the realistic transition period of becoming comfortable in a chapter. I had to wonder, what if you werent sure you ended up in the right place for you, the right home?

As the week of recruitment came to a close, I received a bid from Kappa Delta. While I was excited, it was not the bid I was expecting. I was confused as to why this chapter desired to have me as a member, and I wanted clarity. Would this sorority provide the sense of home I longed for?

The women in the chapter had a strong sisterhood, and it made me nervous to see such developed relationships when I was still attempting to connect with myself. However, after observing how easily these women were able to spread confidence in each other, I made the conscious effort to commit to the organization that was committing to me. I decided it was in my best interest to give all I had to the sorority that saw my potential.

It took an entire semester for me to discover Kappa Delta was the absolute perfect fit for me, but as it turns out, KD was always meant to be my home. Soon after this revelation, I saw the reward: the strength and drive of my Kappa Delta sisters was beginning to influence the woman I was becoming.

I later realized that my definition of “home” had a new meaning. My Kappa Delta sisters worked tirelessly to welcome me into a sisterhood full of memories, laughter and loyalty. I grew from being a new member, afraid to be vulnerable and connect to this new home, to eventually finding the confidence to serve as our chapter’s president. I have learned confidence is a powerful tool for success. “Home” isn’t just where you feel comfortable, “home” is where you feel confident.

My chapter has provided me with authentic friendships, honest conversations and incredible experiences. Kappa Delta pushes me to seek the best parts of myself and show them to the world. The world needs more confident leaders, more Panhellenic women and more Kappa Deltas.

Cece Duhamel

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