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Help Others Discover Kappa Delta


How do you share the authentic and meaningful experience of joining Kappa Delta with potential members, family members and others? How do you even begin to put it into wordsNational Kappa Delta is here to help you promote Kappa Delta on your campus and in your community 

At National Convention, Kappa Delta debuted Discover Kappa Delta, a new and innovative social media campaign that features 12 collegiate members from chapters across the country who have different backgrounds, interests and abilities. The campaign runs 12 weeks beginning in early July and includes videos, blogs and social media graphics. We encourage all members — alumnae and collegians — to engage in the campaign by sharing our posts. The goal is to showcase the many faces of KD and break the media stereotype of “sorority.” 

Additionally, collegiate chapters are encouraged to create posts of their own featuring members from their chapters. Begin now by identifying members who have stories like these:  

  • A member who was reluctant about going through recruitment, but KD changed her outlook on Greek life. Or a member whose parents weren’t fans at first. 
  • A student athlete who has successfully balanced sports with being in KD. 
  • A member who has formed a close relationship with a KD from another chapter. 
  • A campus leader who credits the support of her KD sisters for her success.  
  • A member who was connected to an internship or job opportunity through an alumna member. 
  • A member who was encouraged by her KD sisters to take action on an issue important to her, such as sexual assault, climate change, cancer research, poverty, etc. 
  • A member with a physical challenge or chronic illness who has found support and encouragement from her KD sisters. 
  • A member who has experienced a significant loss or tragedy and received overwhelming support from sisters. 
  • A member who switched or added majors because of advice from another KD or a leadership role she held in the chapter. 
  • And other interesting stories! 

In the next few weeks, reach out to members about participating in the campaign and make plans to work with them to create your own short, informal videos, blogs, quotes and/or member features that share their stories. Below is a list on how to get involved, prompts for each week and links to downloadable graphics to share on social media. Click on the links below each image to download. 

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 9:

Week 10:

Week 11:

Week 12: