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Five Ways to be the Professional You Were Meant to Be


When you’re in college, you’re preparing for your first job by soaking up all the knowledge you can in class. If you’ve already begun your career, engaging in meetings or conferences can be your go-to approach. However, there are many different ways to stay fresh professionally outside the classroom or workplace. Below are some popular ways to enlarge your world professionally.


1. Listen to podcasts. If you haven’t joined the podcast bandwagon yet, now is the time. There are over 250,000 unique podcasts on iTunes, with over eight million episodes combined. That means you’re guaranteed to find a podcast on a topic of interest to you! Podcasts are great for your work commute, while you’re cleaning the kitchen or even when you’re exercising.  After you power through your favorite true crime episodes, check out one of these podcasts to help you grow professionally. There’s plenty more where that came from!

2. Watch a TED Talk. TED Talks are dynamic, inspiring messages from people of all backgrounds sharing their ideas with the world. From public speaking to vulnerability, the education system to world history, TED talks expose us to new concepts in short, powerful videos. This allows us to experience personal or professional development on our own time in an engaging and accessible way. Check out these five TED Talks designed for professionals, or search the TED website for other topics that might pique your interest.

3. Join a young professionals group. Cities across the country have groups of young professionals who get together for a variety of reasons. They not only provide a social connection when you’re new to town, they also expose you to new networking circles and professional opportunities. Seek out the options in your area by asking colleagues or searching online.

4. Attend events featuring guest speakers. College campuses bring in a number of speakers each year, and community organizations also host speakers from time to time. If a speaker is coming to town and the topic interests you, add it to your schedule. You never know what new knowledge you might gain or inspiration you might find. Kappa Delta’s National Convention, scheduled for June 2017, is sure to have some great guest speakers. Stay tuned!

5. Start or join a book or documentary club. Has a friend ever recommended a book or documentary you would have never discovered on your own? A book or documentary club is one of the best ways to experience a brand new topic, and it also allows built-in reflection time. Start a club to make new friends while also learning about something brand new in the process. Check out this list of Books for Female Young Professionals to kick-start your list.

Whether you’re still working towards your degree, or working towards a promotion, there are a variety of unique ways you can grow and develop professionally. Try one of these ways to enlarge your world and learn something new!