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Finals Feels: Keeping It Fun & Positive


Finals WeekThere is no doubt that with finals comes increased anxiety, stress and tension. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Holiday break is right around the corner! At the Sigma Phi chapter at the University of Georgia, we have several traditions that keep the days exciting and our members inspired to achieve success and reach their academic goals.

Chick-Fil-A biscuits
Reading Day at UGA is a day of no final exams and no classes. It eases us all into exams by giving us a day off to prepare.

One of my favorite traditions that we have at Sigma Phi is Reading Day Chick-Fil-A biscuits. They are delivered to the house around 7 a.m., and our sisters are able to stop by throughout the morning to pick up a biscuit before a long day of studying.

It’s a great motivation to wake up early and get started on hitting the books.

UGA KD house

Studying at the house
It’s appealing to hang around the KD house when it is beautifully decorated for the holiday season! During the days leading up to finals, the KD house is buzzing with people studying or stopping by to take a break. Members will set up their study materials in the kitchen, living room and upstairs in the chapter room. I love studying at the house because I know I’ll have plenty of study buddies, too.

Overall, it’s an extremely productive and motivating environment. While I don’t live in the house anymore, I genuinely want to spend my free time there because it is always such a positive environment.

Group Trips to the Student Learning Center
Our chapter also likes to study in groups at the MLC – also known as the Miller Learning Center on campus.

Members get together with other Kappa Deltas in their classes and grab a study room or a table to spread out and get to work! With over 200 women in our chapter, it’s easy to find at least one other KD in the same class as you. Studying with friends definitely makes the entire process of managing final exams more bearable.

Late night food runs
After a long day (which sometimes runs into the night!) of studying for classes, writing essays or rehearsing class presentations, it’s always fun to run to the grocery store and pick up some cookies or a sweet treat!

While finals season isn’t particularly the best part of the school year, these fun traditions we have at Sigma Phi inspire us all to work hard and finish the semester strong!

Brooke, VP-PR


By Brooke Miccio
VP-PR, Sigma Phi-Georgia