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Coffee and Confidence


As Kappa Deltas, building confidence and inspiring action is a part of everything we do. Every day, we have the opportunity to be our best selves, step confidently into situations and make a positive impact.  Our KD journey offers us the ability to make a meaningful difference—from supporting our sisters and showing confidence, to living our values and positively impacting our communities.

One of the most valuable aspects of our membership in KD is discussing issues that are important to us and learning from one another. Unfortunately, we can’t all get together in one room very often! Instead, we want to bring these conversations to you through a series called Coffee & Confidence.

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Coffee & Confidence is a new educational series where we will explore relevant topics with KD collegians and alumnae. Each month, we will introduce a topic on the Kappa Delta blog encouraging you to learn something new. We will explore a range of issues like professional development, being active bystanders, health and wellness and having fun with our sisters. Throughout the month, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with us on social media about your experiences and reflect on what you or your chapter might be doing to build confidence and inspire action.

Our goal is to meet you right where you are with accessible and meaningful education. We hope this series will start conversations that help us reflect on who we are as Kappa Deltas and challenge us to live our values. Most importantly, we will learn together on our journey towards a greater and better Kappa Delta.

On Tuesdays, I hope you’ll join us in starting your morning with a little bit of coffee and confidence. Watch for the series to kick off Sept. 6!

Shauna Prentice
Member Development and Education Manager