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COB Celebrations: Welcoming New Sisters into our Circle

Bid Day holds a special place in the hearts of Kappa Deltas, representing the excitement and sisterhood of welcoming new members into our circle. But welcoming new sisters isn’t confined to primary recruitment; it extends year-round through Continuous Open Bidding (COB), or as we like to call it, Confident Open Bidding.

COB offers a unique opportunity for chapters to welcome new members throughout the year, creating connections with potential new members who may not have participated in the primary recruitment process. It gives chapters the opportunity to share their sisterhood in a more relaxed and informal setting, creating genuine connections and relationships as members see what the “day in the life” of a KD looks like by attending sisterhood, service or Shamrock events! 

We are excited to highlight the creative and heartwarming ways our chapters welcome and celebrate new members through COB, capturing the true spirit of Kappa Delta sisterhood.  

Alpha Iota- California/Los Angelos  

At Alpha Iota, celebrating the arrival of new members through COB is always a highlight. This year, the chapter kicked off the festivities with a Bid Day Tea Party, warmly welcoming six incredible women into our sisterhood. Together, they made fresh flower bouquets, which sparked creativity and brought members closer together in a fun way. 

“COB is a vital part of expanding our sisterhood,” said Kaela Selesnick, vp-recruitment and marketing. “We’re constantly striving to grow into a more wonderful, diverse and inclusive sisterhood.” 

Isabella Marasco, VP-learning and development, added, “Our newest members have seamlessly integrated into the chapter, forming strong bonds, and contributing in leadership roles. Many have even expressed interest in living in the Kappa Delta house next fall. They’ve truly become some of my closest friends, and I’m excited to see their journey unfold.” 

Alpha Pi-William and Mary  

COB gave Alpha Pi Chapter the opportunity to welcome five confident new members to their sisterhood this term. 

In addition to their “Krushin’ on KD” Bid Day celebration, the chapter took intentional steps to make sure new members felt welcomed from day one. 

With COB, chapters often extend bids over a couple of weeks, so hosting gatherings as they come on board can help sisters engage immediately. “Even before our Bid Day, we hosted casual gatherings like karaoke nights and hot chocolate hangouts,” said Jo Mutell, Alpha Pi vp-learning & development. “These events allowed new members to connect with sisters in a relaxed setting, fostering friendships and a sense of belonging.” Continuing support included weekly family dinners for new members hosted by different sisters. 

Eta Zeta-North Florida  

At Eta Zeta, as they welcomed new members through COB, the chapter ramped up sisterhood events, prioritizing new members and ensuring they have ample opportunities to meet and connect with their sisters. They arranged buddy “dates” to provide them with one-on-one interactions with older sisters, fostering deeper connections and friendships. 

The chapter also hosted a Bid Day celebration where sisters and new members made flower bouquets while getting to know one another. 

“We are always welcoming new members into our circle and spreading the message of meaningful friendships,” said Emma Keeler, vp-recruitment & marketing.  

Beta Sigma-Southern Mississippi  

Beta Sigma-Southern Mississippi welcomed three new members through COB this spring, sparing no effort to ensure each new member felt welcomed from the very beginning. 

As soon as they accepted their bids, sisters welcomed new members at the Kappa Delta house with cheers. 

“The memories we made were unforgettable,” said Allie, vp-recruitment & marketing. “It reminded me why I chose Kappa Delta and why I still do!” 

To help the new members settle in, the chapter set up “Pearl Pal” dates and a New Member Retreat. These helped new members bond with sisters from different age groups and college majors. These helped everyone get a feel for the unique mix of women within the chapter. 

Continuous Open Bidding is such an important opportunity that our chapters get to continue welcoming sisters all year long. These heartfelt celebrations and intentional relationships are just some of the few ways that we get to create stronger bonds and lifelong friendships with each new member who joins our Kappa Delta family.