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Celebrating KD Values Through Action


October is one of the best months of the year. You’ve dusted off your fall booties, your coffee is hot and the air is crisp. Kappa Deltas everywhere are preparing for Founders Day. It’s a time to celebrate our favorite season along with our most defining values. As you look ahead to the month of October, consider the ways you can incorporate KD values into everything you do.    

Are you taking a little sister? Fully commit to KD’s anti-hazing stance by treating your little with respect, building her confidence and being curious about who she is! Fulfill your role as a mentor by celebrating the unique traits she brings to KD, introducing her to other members of the chapter and campus community and welcoming her into the member experience. Be a role model who exhibits kindness, confidence, responsibility and courage. 

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Ours too! When choosing your costume, you should choose something that is fun and appropriate. If a costume could be considered cultural appropriation, you should pass. Costumes that borrow aspects of a culture without fully understanding the meaning or significance they hold can offend people in our communities who have a more personal connection to the culture we are attempting to represent. We are sending the message that we care more about a clever costume than we do about the traditions or experiences of others. When choosing a costume, consider the questions below: 

  • Is this image representing someone else’s culture or lived experience?
  • How would they feel about me representing their culture in this way?  
  • Is this image or theme sensitive to people who are often marginalized by society?  
  • Could this be considered offensive or in poor taste if posted on social media?  
  • Would I be comfortable showing this image or sign to my family or closest mentors?
  • Do I have any reservations about choosing this image?  

Besides, there are so many positive and harmless costumes to choose from! Your favorite LaCroix flavor, anyone?  

Finally, don’t just post a pretty Instagram photo on Founders Day or Initiation. Use this month to really read about what our founders believed, and study Ritual in a new way. Look for something that you haven’t noticed before. Talk with your little or your KD friends about their favorite parts of Ritual. Strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest in all that you do.  

Share the ways you are living your values this month, including supporting your little sister or choosing a fun Halloween costume, using the hashtag #KDCoffee!  

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