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Celebrating Kappa Delta's Ritual


Ritual: Why is it important? Why does it matter to our organization?

Cynthia Allen Weston said it best during her NCTA speech. “One way of looking at the Ritual is as a blueprint crafted by our founders and early leaders. Their intent was that Kappa Delta would travel to places they might never go, and that it would touch generations they wouldn’t live to see. And so they created a record of what was vital — who they were, what they envisioned…what they expected us to be…and how to go about building the edifice of our lives from those expectations. And through the generations, the blueprint has been passed down, and it’s still here to guide us.”

While serving my chapter in various roles throughout my collegiate experience, I was the Ritual “go-to-girl.” When I was faced with a difficult leadership decision or came to a crossroads, I would turn to our Ritual. And, without fail, each time I found a line or passage that related to the experience I was having that helped me make the right choice.

I am still in awe that four young women could write something so powerful that has stood the test of time. It amazes me that when I meet a new sister I feel connected to her through something that was created so long ago.

As an alumna member, I do not find myself experiencing the Ritual ceremony as often as I did as a collegian. However, I am reminded of its significance each year during Ritual Celebration Week.

Over the past 120 years, over 260,000 women have heard the same words spoken. Each of us have our own understanding of that Ritual that we connect with in different ways. Ultimately, to me, Ritual is about friendship and a unique bond that only exists with my Kappa Delta sisters.

“Let us always be grateful and use our Ritual to guide us to a greater and better Kappa Delta.” – Lenora Ashmore Blackiston, The Angelos, 1912

Kaitlyn Holt, Beta Rho-San Diego State