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Celebrate the Rich Traditions of Kappa Delta National Convention

We are just a few weeks away from the long-awaited celebration of Our Own KD during our 65th Biennial National Convention in National Harbor, Maryland. 

As the excitement builds and the anticipation grows, Kappa Delta collegiate and alumnae sisters across the nation are preparing to celebrate the achievements of our sisters, build confidence in ourselves and others, inspire action and make an impact on Our Own KD.

This gathering promises to be a time of connection and empowerment as we honor our past, celebrate our present and envision our future. Let’s take a look back at some of the incredible traditions that make Kappa Delta National Convention an experience for the books.  

White Rose Toast 

At every White Rose Banquet since 1931, the national president or toastmistress has offered a special toast as she drops white rose petals into the Charter Cup. The first “Loving Cup Wish,” as it was then called, was given by then National President Gladys Pugh Redd (Zeta-Alabama/Tuscaloosa).

The toast currently used was written by Elizabeth Winston Lanier (Alpha Pi-William and Mary), who served as national president from 1947-1951:  

Behold the rose: 

Within its petals lies a dream, 

A dream of love, loyalty, youth 

Within its heart lies a realm 

of honor, beauty, truth. 


All that we hope to accomplish 

Will be fulfilled by those 

Who find you fair 

And take you from our hands. 

May the rose of Kappa Delta 

Mean to each of us always 

Those things which are honorable, 

beautiful and highest. 

The Installation Book 

During convention, delegates vote and elect a new National Council. The national president conducts the installation service for newly elected National Council officers from a beautiful book created in 1935 by Clairece Black (Sigma Alpha-Southern Methodist). 

Each page articulates the dedication and commitment of our leaders, inspiring each of us to carry the torch forward and embrace our roles as a force for good within our chapters and communities. 

When not at convention, the Installation Book is on display in the museum at Kappa Delta National Headquarters. 

White Rose Garden 

Since 1985, thousands of roses have been sent to Kappa Delta sisters, friends, family and mentors to celebrate and honor their impact on our lives.  

Revisit some of our favorite White Rose Garden memories from the last 38 years. 

The best part? Each rose purchased supports the Kappa Delta Foundation and its incredible mission. This year, White Rose Garden donations will support theImagine Her Futurescholarship campaign and help the foundation reach the $3.75 million goal, making more scholarships possible for KD sisters nationwide. 

The Memorial Service 

One of the most solemn and meaningful traditions of Kappa Delta National Convention, the Memorial Service, dates back to the 1911 convention in Atlanta.

 Our founders paid tribute to the memory of their Alpha Chapter sister Mary Sommerville Sparks Hendrick. The next services were at intervals – in 1921, 1931, 1935, 1946, 1955 and 1961 – in memory of all KDs who had died in the intervening time. Since 1967 the Memorial Service has been conducted biennially, serving as a poignant reminder of the legacy and sisterhood we hold dear. As we gather to honor the lives of our departed sisters, we find solace and strength in our shared memories and the eternal bonds of Kappa Delta.  

Parade of Flags 

Beginning in 1921, each chapter was honored at convention with the Hall of Shields. Norman Shields were constructed and hung in Convention Hall in the chapter’s names. In 1989, the tradition was updated, and the Parade of Flags took the place of the shields.  

As each collegiate delegate proudly marches into Convention Hall, she carries a banner bearing the colors and seal of her school and the Greek letters of her chapter. The vibrant display represents the diverse tapestry of Kappa Delta chapters and serves as a reminder of the strength and unity we gain from our shared experiences. 

As we prepare to gather at the 65th Biennial National Convention and celebrate Our Own KD, we are filled with excitement and gratitude for the time-honored traditions that bind us together as sisters. Convention ignites our passion, empowers our voices and reminds us of the legacy we are entrusted to carry forward. Let us embrace the spirit of unity, growth and sisterhood as we come together to celebrate our achievements and build a greater and better Kappa Delta.