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Candy Cane PJs, Anyone?


Can you believe it’s already December? You’ve made it through another year of hard work and growth with memories to last a lifetime. As many of us head into a period of rest, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the different ways we celebrate the holidays.  

Whether you’re planning a holiday get-together for your friends or family, celebrating as a chapter or just planning to wear your candy cane PJs for the next 30 days, take time to learn about the most meaningful holiday traditions of the people you love the most! One of the most valuable ways you can show you care about those around you is to see and appreciate what is important to them. Consider these ideas: 

  • Hosting an event? Poll those on your guest list to find out which holidays they celebrate. You may have guests who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas during this time of year. Celebrate them all! 
  • Ask your friends and sisters to share their favorite holiday tradition. Even if you celebrate the same holiday, chances are you celebrate it differently. Maybe you have a unique gift-giving tradition, have an annual holiday outing or watch a certain movie. Learn about the moments that are most special to your friends.  
  • Invite someone to participate in one of your favorite traditions with you! There’s no better way to learn about new holiday traditions than to jump right in. Bring someone along as you celebrate. 
  • Spend a few minutes reading about the history of different holidays. You may know the candles are connected to Hanukkah, or that some countries celebrate St. Nicholas Day, but do you know why? Read the basics here! 
  • Finally, start your own holiday tradition. Consider an activity that allows you to celebrate one another while being inclusive of all beliefs. Check out this great idea from TED.com!   

This time of year is all about gathering with the friends and family you love and celebrating one another. Take advantage of this time not only to connect, but to learn something new in the process! Share your favorite traditions using the hashtag #KDCoffee!