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Building KD from the Ground Up: What I Learned about Leadership as a LDC


When I applied to be a leadership development consultant for Kappa Delta during my senior year at George Washington University, I hoped for the opportunity to spread the message of KD. I wanted to help collegiate chapters thrive and build confidence in members, as my chapter shaped me. I was ecstatic to learn I had been accepted, and I looked forward to traveling and visiting chapters across the country.

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Soon after assuming the role of a first-year consultant, I was chosen to help establish our Theta Upsilon Chapter at Loyola University Chicago. I was surprised and excited! I had expected to assist existing chapters but not found a new one. I soon discovered how rewarding the project was, and I grew to love the process of bringing Kappa Delta to a campus.

My favorite aspect of the Loyola Chicago project was getting to meet and influence so many women. I worked with another consultant to spread the KD message on campus, share empowering stories with students and inspire women to see themselves in a new light. Our hope was to show them what their experience in Kappa Delta could be as founding members. I loved building relationships with members in a way that facilitated their personal growth and allowed me push myself to grow and change as well.

During my time working with Theta Upsilon, I learned several significant lessons about sisterhood, leadership and character. I learned the importance of building and maintaining relationships. I learned how to be a better friend. I became a better teacher and mentor. I shared why I was passionate about my own KD experience and helped them create similar experiences for themselves. I was able to learn and demonstrate the importance of teamwork. Establishing Theta Upsilon was only possible with the contribution of effort, dedication and talent of many women. Building a successful chapter together exemplified the power of teamwork. As a result, I experienced immense personal growth.

Traveling as a second-year consultant this year, I am deepening my relationships with my fellow LDCs and taking what I learned from Theta Upsilon to other new or developing chapters. I love being able to utilize what I learned about friendship, leadership, teamwork and confidence during my year at Loyola to strengthen other Kappa Delta chapters. Getting to see so many sides of Kappa Delta, from chapter establishment to current chapter management, has made me truly believe in the purpose of our sisterhood. I have been able to share my own experiences with others, and I’ve grown as a leader through helping the members of our chapters become more empowered and passionate women.

Alexis Lazarus, Senior LDC

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