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Building Confidence Personally and Professionally


I don’t think I realized the impact Kappa Delta had on my life until I reached my senior year of college. That’s when it hit me: with a little support from your sisters, anything is possible.

women stand in line

Olivia and her Kappa Delta sisters.

I didn’t go through primary recruitment when I started school at Illinois Wesleyan University. It never even crossed my mind to explore sorority life. Then one day during class, I noticed a group of women wearing matching shirts, one of whom was my regular partner for class activities. I turned to her and asked what the matching shirts meant. I wasn’t prepared for the response and the excitement in her voice as she told me about Kappa Delta. She asked if I had ever considered joining a sorority. She told me that she thought I would be a great fit for KD, which caught me off guard. After class ended and we parted ways, I took some time to think about what she said. She was so confident in her observation that I would easily fit in with the other chapter members that I decided to trust her judgment. I decided to seek membership in Kappa Delta.

After receiving my bid and completing the new-member program, I got an email from our VP-operations about an exciting opportunity. She wanted to know if I would be interested in serving as assistant VP-membership. She shared that the council thought long and hard about who had the potential to become the future VP-membership. Even though I was a shy freshman, these women saw something in me that I didn’t.

three women holding pin wheels

Kappa Delta showed Olivia how to be confident.

After serving as VP-membership for our chapter, my friends asked me if I planned to run for chapter president. I honestly hadn’t thought about it. They encouraged me to seek advice from the current president and to consider the opportunity. With their encouragement, I made my decision to run for the position. I’m so grateful that I did because I ended up being elected. Their confidence in me made me strive to achieve my best for the duration of my term. Without Kappa Delta, I would never have had the confidence to be a leader. I am forever changed, both personally and professionally, because of my supportive sisters.

This past summer, I interned at Prevent Child Abuse America. It was an honor to spend a few months working for an organization we hold so close to our hearts. The best part? I got to do it with my sisters. The two other interns and the director of marketing were also Kappa Deltas. I had always been told that the connections you make in Kappa Delta last a lifetime, but this was the first time I’d witnessed it firsthand.

woman in blue dress

Olivia serving her chapter as president.

As I neared the end of college, I started to build my resume. I realized that half the page was filled with Kappa Delta-related items. My Kappa Delta experience not only gave me confidence, but it prepared me for post-college job interviews. One particular experience stands out in my mind: a long, two-part interview that was mentally exhausting. After the interview, I sat in my car to breathe and finally allow my shoulders to relax. It was probably one of the most difficult interviews I would face, but thanks to Kappa Delta I never felt like I couldn’t answer a question. My KD leadership experience equipped me with so many talking points that it was only a matter of choosing which one was best. When answering the interview questions, 90% of the experiences I pulled from were centered around Kappa Delta. Kappa Delta has proven to me time and time again that the opportunities that follow sorority life are endless.

Olivia Padilla

Omicron – Illinois Wesleyan University

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