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Building Confidence in Each Other: Why KDs Don’t Haze



We all joined Kappa Delta to find friendship, sisterhood and an opportunity to become our best selves.  We opened our bid cards with excitement and anticipation of big sisters, formals and service events. We throw what we know, host Confidence Weeks on campus and look forward to KD lunch dates. Hazing should never be part of these stories!

For National Hazing Prevention Week, Sept. 19-23, we are sharing five reasons to stand up to hazing.

  1. Hazing doesn’t build confidence. Kappa Delta believes in building confidence in ourselves and others through everything we do! There is no place for hazing in our organization. Hazing is designed to abuse the power you have over someone else; that’s a wasted opportunity to build each other up.
  2. It causes harm to those involved. While hazing may seem harmless to some, it ALWAYS has negative effects. It diminishes confidence, causes embarrassment and can often lead to physical or mental harm. At the very least, it always puts a strain on our sisterhood.
  3. It isn’t who we say we are. Beautiful. Highest … Building Confidence. Inspiring Action. … love of those within our circle. These phrases are not just something we put on a T-shirt. These values are the core of who we are, and everything we do should flow from them. Hazing is in direct conflict with our values.
  4. There are better ways to build sisterhood. Host a laser tag sisterhood event. Shower your new members with Catch Confidence cards. Get together for flag football practice. Cook dinner together. If building sisterhood is your goal, the list of positive, confidence-building activities is endless. Don’t settle for shallow activities that leave women feeling less than an equal member of our circle.
  5. Holding each other accountable is crucial to preserving the sisterhood our founders envisioned. None of us are perfect, and sometimes we make bad judgment calls. Holding each other accountable with a spirit of sisterhood is the only way we can continue to be our best. Challenge a sister if she suggests any form of hazing.

Hazing, bullying or belittling each other in any way simply doesn’t belong in our organization. This week, and always, focus on the positive and fun ways we can build confidence in each other. That is what KD sisterhood is about, after all!

Interested in doing more to prevent hazing in our communities? Apply to serve as a collegiate representative on HazingPrevention.Org’s Board of Directors. Click here to apply. The deadline is October 28.