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Ask Lenora: Do I Even Have Time for a Sorority?


Dear Lenora,

I’m a sophomore in college and have lots of friends in sororities. They all talk about how great it is, so I’m thinking about going through recruitment this spring. My concern is I am really busy. I’m double-majoring in marketing and Spanish, I’m on the track team and I volunteer at our campus farmers’ market. Can I join a sorority and still be involved with athletics, do volunteer work and keep up with school?


Swamped Sophomore

Dear Swamped Sophomore,

Goodness, you are a busy bee! You remind me of one of my best friends from school and fellow co-founder of Kappa Delta, Julia Tyler. Julia was both smart and talented, much like yourself. She had the highest academic average at State Female Normal School, was an active member of the tennis club and held the position of chief illustrator for the school yearbook, the Normal Light. Studying and sketching and swinging a racquet kept Julia plenty busy, yet she still made time for Kappa Delta. Julia helped build our sorority from the ground up, recruited our first new members, wrote Kappa Delta songs and designed our badge. When it comes to juggling a full calendar with sorority life, I always say, if Julia could do it, you can, too.

Julia represented Kappa Delta on the tennis team. She’s the third on the bottom row.

I think it’s marvelous that you’ve found so many extracurricular activities that you enjoy and that you’ve ambitiously taken on not one but two major courses of study! When we founded Kappa Delta, we had women like you in mind: women who valued their education, wanted to give back to their community and had passions they wanted to pursue. We hope for our members to make the most of their time in college!

Kappa Delta was created to form bonds between women who strive to achieve, so that they may support each other and build confidence in one another as they work toward their individual goals. Kappa Delta has always encouraged members to be involved on campus, explore unique extracurricular activities and be leaders in the community beyond the chapter. It warms my heart to know that our sisters represent Kappa Delta as they serve on student government, play sports, participate in clubs and volunteer their time.

With that being said, I’ll be honest: joining a sorority will require your time and dedication. Adding a sorority new-member program to an already packed schedule may be challenging, but chances are, you won’t regret the extra item on your agenda. It’s up to you to find a balance, meeting the requirements set for you by your chapter while still being involved in your other activities, but Kappa Delta sisters help each other strike that balance. Your chapter is there to support you and work with you to make sure you are able to participate in what matters to you. However, I will leave you with this piece of advice: the more you put into your sorority membership, the more you will gain from it.