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An Open Letter to the Future LDCs


If I think back on the 58 visits I made and the 75,366 miles I traveled during my two years as a leadership development consultant, I can’t tell you every meeting I had, every meal I ate or even every airport I traveled through. However, I can tell you the people I connected with on every visit and the relationships I built. Sometimes when you least expect it, you meet people who make you question how you lived your life without knowing them. That is the common trend of my experience as a leadership development consultant.

Thinking back to February 2015 when I received the call that I would be traveling as a 2015-2016 LDC, I didn’t realize the impact a job could have on who I was as a person. And I didn’t even think then about staying around for round two! Now as I walk away from two of the most life-changing, gratifying and challenging years of my life, I have more people than I can count to thank for the incredible opportunity, and I’m excited for the incoming LDCs as they prepare to embark on this journey of a lifetime.

To the incoming (and future) LDCs: Welcome to the best year (or two) of your life—it will come with many trials, rewards and simple reminders of why we do what we do and how lucky we are to be a part of an organization as amazing as Kappa Delta. When the going gets tough, the tough get going; be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone, visit places you never thought you would go and do things you never thought you could do.

In the midst of recruitments on repeat, becoming a professional packer and knowing exactly how much 50 lbs. feels like, you will come out a better person. Rely on your LDC sisters, and take advantage of the short amount of time you get to spend together throughout the year. They will be your family on the road, and you will walk away with lasting friendships you didn’t see coming. If you open your heart to the LDC lifestyle, you will never feel alone even in a state you’ve never been to or a chapter you’ve never met.

I challenge you to reset before every visit, let yourself make connections and find your person no matter where you are. This will be what and who you remember when your time is complete.

Finally, I hope you will find your joy no matter where you are and be vulnerable every day. By opening up and giving your whole self, you will be reminded why you had the desire to be a LDC in the first place. Buckle up and get ready to roll, girlfriends…I can’t wait until you hit the road!

Maribeth Broussard
2016-2017 Senior Leadership Development Consultant