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5 Tips for Becoming a Top-Notch Remote CAB Member

For many Kappa Delta alumnae, volunteering for a chapter in person is not a realistic option. Whether a member lives too far away from a chapter or is unable to travel as often as she might like, sitting on a
chapter advisory board may seem like a pipe dream. However, this simply is not true!

Volunteering your time is still possible as a remote CAB member. Remote CAB members can offer their
wisdom, talents and assistance to officers just as CAB members who serve in-person. The biggest
difference is that remote CAB members advise a chapter using technological tools to bridge the
communication gap. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Get technical! Becoming a CAB member as a remote volunteer is a great position for any
alumna member wanting to share her time, expertise and love for KD with collegiate chapter
leaders. You’ll still be able to develop relationships with collegians and mentor them, but the
communication will likely take place over phone calls, texts, FaceTime, email and Skype. You
should be comfortable and competent with technology — or be a quick learner.

2. There is no such thing as over-communicating. Since you won’t be there in person to speak
with collegians and other CAB members, remote CAB must take the initiative to get the full story
from all sides every time. It’s much better to stay in the know and be overzealous than in the
dark. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and chat!

3. Get to know the chapter on a personal level. Chances are, many of the chapter leaders won’t
have a chance to meet you in person. Since you will be relying on a phone call to convey your
personality, be sure to be yourself! Your communication with the chapter does not have to be
always and only about Kappa Delta. Share stories, fun facts about you and favorite memories
with the collegians. When you call, they will feel they know you on a personal level and not like
they are speaking to a stranger.

4. Speak up! Just because you are a remote CAB member doesn’t mean your opinions and ideas
have less value than the volunteers who attend meetings in person. You bring a necessary
perspective to the table, and it is your duty as a KD volunteer to share it! Collaborating on
projects or events with alumnae who have a range of different experiences is what makes a
chapter the best it can be.

5. Visit. It’s understandable that many remote CAB are unable to make a trip to visit the chapter
they are advising, but if you have the means and wish to plan a visit, we encourage you to do so.
Seeing chapter members face-to-face, getting a feel for the personalities of the members and
observing the inner-workings of the leadership team will help you advise from afar.

To learn more about volunteering as an alumna member for Kappa Delta, click opens in a new windowhere.