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5 Reasons You Should Volunteer With Kappa Delta


values in actionDo you know the reason Kappa Delta continues to thrive as an organization? Is it the time-tested message of our sisterhood? Is it our ability to adapt to new generations of college women? Is it the hardworking headquarters office staff? While the answer is ‘yes’ to all those choices, Kappa Delta could not continue to prosper, grow and instill what is honorable, beautiful and highest in our members without dedicated alumnae volunteers.

Alumnae members hold a special position in our network. By contributing their time, knowledge, experience and wisdom, they mentor younger members, improve chapters and create enriching environments for KD collegians.

Here are five reasons you should volunteer:

  1. Build confidence in the next generation. As a chapter advisory board member, you will have the opportunity to mentor and advise collegiate women, strengthening their leadership skills, providing advice on everyday life and encouraging them to realize their dreams.
  2. Put your talents to good use! Are you skilled in facility or personnel management, knowledgeable about rental property, real estate or finance? A position on a local house corporation may be right for you.
  3. Build new skills. Whether you are a young alumna or seasoned career woman, volunteering with a Kappa Delta chapter helps you develop skills that will advance your career. Advising a chapter on developing its budget, offering advice for conflict resolution, ensuring a chapter house is safe and up-to-code, leading a facility remodeling project — there is always something new to learn and experience.
  4. Network with amazing KD women. When you serve on a CAB or house corporation, you meet other skilled alumnae volunteers who have connections in the community and experience in many career fields. Whether you’re looking for a dentist or a new job, you will have sisters who are there for you!
  5. Develop strong relationships. While in college, we were surrounded by friends and sisters. Making friends after graduation may not come as easy. When you volunteer with Kappa Delta, you have the chance to develop strong and close friendships with many generations — from college women to other alumnae volunteers. The KD sisterhood lives on.

Consider everything Kappa Delta gave to you during your time in college — best friends, incredible memories, leadership opportunities and more. As an alumna, you have the opportunity to give back to an organization that gave so much to you.

If you’ve been out of school at least two years, sign up to volunteer on a chapter advisory board or house corporation board. Complete a CAB Interest Form or House Corporation Interest Form today.

Without a strong team of alumnae behind every chapter, Kappa Delta would not continue to be the empowering organization it is today. We depend on you to lead our chapters, offer them direction and help them grow as women. For more information on volunteering for Kappa Delta, click here.