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4 Easy Ways to Utilize the Kappa Delta Network


Kappa Delta spans generations—some of our oldest members are over 100 years of age! You may already be aware that our sorority boasts more than 272,000 members, but did you know that one benefit of being a KD is the ability to utilize this multi-generational network?

Our sisters are doctors, political leaders, mothers, writers, artists, and humanitarians, and many would be honored to hear from collegiate members like you. Imagine forming a bond with an alumna who is there to mentor you, offer you career advice, and serve as an older, wiser sister. Sounds amazing, right? But how do you get started when seeking out an alumnae mentor?

women laugh and sit on couch

Alumnae members love seeing younger members succeed.

  1. Volunteer for an alumnae event.

Your chapter likely hosts a few events every year for the local alumnae. These events help alumnae feel connected to the local chapter and its members. Why not offer to volunteer and help with an event? This would be the perfect opportunity to chat with alumnae who attend. They’ll be excited to meet sisters from younger generations, and you may have more in common with them than you thought!

  1. Use social media.

Tap into our sisterhood network using the social network! While it’s often easy to turn to Instagram, consider Facebook. There are countless Kappa Delta Facebook groups populated with alumnae of all ages from around the country. Every state and most individual chapters have a Facebook group you can join, instantly connecting you to dozens of sisters. Conjure up the confidence to write a post asking for an alumna mentor. You might be surprised how many women jump at the chance!

women meet in office

Utilizing the Kappa Delta network can result in career opportunities.

  1. Sport your letters.

This is probably the easiest way to let the world know you’re a Kappa Delta. It’s a unifying symbol that will catch the eye of other Kappa Delta sisters. Even if you’re no longer a collegiate member, wearing our letters in a small way (like a key chain or a bumper sticker) lets the women you meet out in the world know you are a member of our sisterhood. You might be surprised who strikes up a conversation with you!

  1. Ask your chapter alumnae relations chairman for assistance.

Your chapter alumnae relations chairman will have a good sense of which local alumnae would be excited to meet you. Chat with her about putting you in touch with an alumna. Perhaps you’re interested in a particular career, or you’d like to speak with an alumna who has performed incredible acts of service for the community. Connect with an alumna who can offer insight!


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