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Our Policies

Non-Discrimination Policy

Kappa Delta Sorority does not tolerate any form of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, creed, religious affiliation, disability, veteran status, national origin or sexual orientation. We consider for membership all who self-identify as women and who meet our high standards in the areas of character, academics and leadership potential. Kappa Delta seeks to create inclusive and equitable environments and experiences for our members, potential new members and communities. In particular, Kappa Delta is committed to taking action through education and restorative justice to address behaviors that do not align with our values. Every member should feel she belongs. Members, undergraduates and alumnae, are expected to promote and demonstrate an understanding of diversity, both on the college campus and in the world community. 

Statement on Hazing

Hazing is prohibited by Kappa Delta Sorority. Kappa Delta is concerned about the human dignity and well-being of all people and expects its members to treat themselves and one another with respect. Kappa Delta does not permit demeaning, undignified or harmful actions in any sorority activities. No Kappa Delta member or new member should ever engage in or allow any hazing activities. Any form of hazing, including participating in hazing activities of another group, will result in disciplinary action against the chapter and/or members or new members engaging in such prohibited practices. Hazing is in direct conflict with Kappa Delta’s values and has no place in the lives of those who are building confidence in others.

Hazing is defined as any activity, action taken or situation created, whether on or off sorority premises, that has the reasonable potential to produce mental, emotional or physical harm, discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule, regardless of the victim’s willingness to participate. Any form of hazing, regardless or intent, is prohibited in Kappa Delta Sorority.

Hazing activities and situations include, but are not limited to:

  • providing and encouraging or forcing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, any food or any other substances;
  • activities that disorient or intimidate;
  • scavenger hunts, treasure hunts or kidnaps;
  • engaging in public stunts and buffoonery such as the wearing of publicly conspicuous apparel;
  • morally degrading or humiliating games and activities, including sexual acts;
  • paddling in any form;
  • interrogations or verbal abuse;
  • bullying, including cyberbullying;
  • coercion, threats or shaming;
  • physical and/or psychological shocks;
  • creation of excess fatigue; and
  • any other activities, which are not consistent with sorority regulations, policies of the host institution and applicable law.

Due to the hazing connotations associated with paddles, paddles are prohibited as gifts in Kappa Delta. This includes, but is not limited to new-member, big sister and senior gifts.

Any of the following penalties may apply to any occurrence of hazing:

  • Any individual who engages in or allows hazing will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.
  • Any chapter which encourages or allows hazing to occur will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including loss of the chapter charter.

Any member who witnesses or is the victim of hazing should call the Hazing Hotline at 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293) or visit All members are expected to report any hazing activities. The health and safety of members is paramount.

For more information on Kappa Delta’s positions and policies, members may access the Member Handbook, available by logging into the Resource Library.

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