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Download Graphics to Raise Awareness of PCA America

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month — a cause that is near and dear to Kappa Delta Sorority.

Since 1981, Kappa Delta has been a proud supporter of Prevent Child Abuse America, an organization founded by the late Donna Stone, one of our own Kappa Delta sisters. To date, Kappa Delta has donated more than $23 million to prevent child abuse in our country.

All children deserve #GreatChildhoods. To help you spread awareness throughout the month, we’ve created a few graphics available for download below. Whether you share these images or create your own, don’t forget to use #KDPCAA on social media! You can click directly on the images and links provided below to save to your mobile device or desktop.

Social media cover photos:

PCAA Cover Photo

Download cover photos here:  Facebook  |  Twitter

Instagram story backgrounds:

PCAA Instagram stories

Download Instagram story backgrounds here:  Background 1  |  Background 2  |  Background 3  |  Background 4  |  Background 5

Animated statistics on Kappa Delta’s involvement with PCA America:

For each of these graphics, we have static and animated versions. For the non-animated graphic, use the JPG file. To post an animated version to Twitter, use the GIF file. To post an animated version to Instagram and/or Facebook, use the MP4 file. (Note: for MP4 files, you’ll need to first download and save them to a desktop before copying them over to your mobile device.)

PCAA Statistic

“All children deserve great childhood” graphics:  jpg  |  GIF MP4

PCAA Statistic

“Child abuse and neglect affects over 1 million children every year” graphics:  jpg  |  GIF  |  MP4

PCAA Statistic

“A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds” graphics:  jpg  |  GIF  |  MP4

PCAA Statistic

“Kappa Deltas raise more than $2.5 million for child abuse prevention annually” graphics: jpg  |  GIF  |  MP4


Download these graphics or create your own and share them throughout the month with #KDPCAA and #GreatChildhoods to help us spread the word. Click here for more information on Kappa Delta’s efforts to help prevent child abuse or click here to learn more about PCA America.