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Celebrate membership milestones.

Longtime membership in Kappa Delta is something to celebrate! It’s hard to imagine what 25 or even 75 years as a Kappa Delta looks like when you are first initiated, but sisterhood in KD lasts a lifetime. National Kappa Delta honors our members who celebrate milestone anniversaries.

The Diamond Circle honors Kappa Deltas who have been members for 75 years. The Emerald Circle marks a member’s 60th anniversary as a Kappa Delta. The White Rose Circle commemorates 50 years of Kappa Delta membership. The Nautilus Circle honors those who have been members of Kappa Delta for 25 years.

Women arriving at these milestones who have a good address on file with national Kappa Delta receive a letter of congratulations from the national organization and a certificate of recognition. Please log in to the member portal to make sure your address is correct.

You may also order membership milestone jewelry to commemorate your time in Kappa Delta.

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