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Celebrate 20 Years of KD + Girl Scouts with Graphics

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Kappa Delta’s partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA. Girl Scouts is all about building girls of courage, confidence and character, which is a natural fit with Kappa Delta’s platform of building confidence and inspiring action.

Beginning on Monday, March 5, we’ll celebrate by sharing some of the highlights from Kappa Delta’s partnership with the Girl Scouts. We would love for you to celebrate with us by using #KDGS20 on social media.

From cover photos to wallpaper backgrounds, we’ve collected some of the graphics we’ll be sharing over the next month and made them available for download below. You can click directly on the images and links provided to save to your mobile device or desktop.

Shareable graphics:

Download shareable graphic here:  green version  |  white version

Cover photos:

Download cover photos here:  Facebook  |  Twitter

Motivational Quotes:

Every Monday in March, we will post #MotivationMonday quotes. Share our images! Click on any image below to download and/or save the graphic.


Next up, we’ve created two wallpaper/background designs. Each one is available for both desktop and mobile. Click on the various sizes listed below to download the best size for you.

Download KD [heart]’s girl scouts here:  1024 x 768  |  1920 x 1080  |  5120 x 2880  |  phone

Download Girl Scout vest here:  1024 x 768  |  1920 x 1080  |  5120 x 2880  |  phone

KD + Girl Scouts Stickers:

Looking for some swag to pass out to your chapter? We’ve designed two die-cut stickers to help celebrate the KD + Girl Scouts 20th anniversary. You can order these stickers from any vendor that offers die-cut stickers. Click on either image below to view and download the PDF art file. For reference, this “KD [heart]’s girl scouts” sticker measures 3″ wide by 2.92″ tall:

This girl scout vest illustration sticker measures 3″ wide by 3″ tall:

KD + Girl Scout Statistic Graphics:

Last up, we’ve created four graphics featuring statistics on the 20-year partnership between Kappa Delta and Girl Scouts. For each of these graphics, we have static and animated versions. For the non-animated graphic, use the JPG file. To post an animated version to Twitter, use the GIF file. To post an animated version to Instagram and/or Facebook, use the MP4 file. (Note: for MP4 files, you’ll need to first download and save them to a desktop before copying them over to your mobile device.)

“Over 1000,000 girls impacted” graphic:  jpg  |  GIF  |  MP4

“11,500 Girl Scout events held” graphic:  jpg  |  GIF  |  MP4

“2 million hours devoted” graphic:  jpg  |  GIF  |  MP4

“Scholarships awarded to YWOD” graphic:  jpg  |  GIF  |  MP4

Spread the Word!

During the month of March, help us spread the word about this incredible 20-year partnership between Kappa Delta Sorority and Girl Scouts of the USA! Post and share the graphics you download and watch Kappa Delta’s official social media for video testimonials and throwback photos. You can also make and share your own graphics and videos about what it means to you to build confidence and inspire action in the Girl Scouts in your community! Be sure to use our official KD Girl Scout anniversary hashtag, #KDGS20.