KD Magazine Program

The Chapter House Fund, which is funded by the Kappa Delta Magazine Program, makes it possible for the sorority to provide some of the best chapter houses, lodges and other chapter facilities across America. When you purchase magazines through a Kappa Delta collegiate or alumnae chapter, the proceeds go directly to the Chapter House Fund, which loans out money to chapters that request assistance to provide an attractive and safe environment for members.

We encourage you to subscribe to your favorite magazines through the Kappa Delta Magazine Program. To browse the online magazine store or renew current subscriptions, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Go to kd.efundraising.com.
  2. Type the name of your collegiate or alumnae chapter where it asks for "Chapter Name."
  3. If you want to view a list of every collegiate or alumnae chapter, leave "Chapter Name" blank.
  4. When "Search Results" are displayed, click on the name of the collegiate or alumnae chapter that you want to give credit.
  5. Click on "Shop for Magazines" to take you to the online store.

If you have any questions, please contact Claire Stuckel at magazineagency@kappadelta.org.

Renew Magazine Subscriptions

Did you know that you can renew magazine subscriptions through the Kappa Delta Magazine Agency regardless of how you initially purchased the subscription? Go to kd.efundraising.com and choose the chapter you wish to support. Click “Buy Magazine” and then choose your magazine and click “renewal”. It is that easy!!

If you are going to renew, why not renew through the Kappa Delta Magazine Agency and have your subscription dollars work for Kappa Delta housing instead of for the publisher? Nearly half of the subscription price goes to Kappa Delta. Statistics show that each household spends at least $200 a year on periodicals. If Kappa Delta households just renewed their magazines through the Kappa Delta Magazine Agency, think of the funds that would be available to support chapter housing!!

Please forward to your friends, doctors’ offices (they don’t have to be Kappa Deltas to purchase magazines through this Website), anyone you know who buys magazines. If you have any questions regarding the magazine agency, please contact Claire Stuckel at Kappa Delta National Headquarters or through e-mail at magazineagency@kappadelta.org.

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